Forecasters say the rare weather event, known as Sudden Stratospheric Warming , could happen soon. That is when the polar vortex winds weaken to such an extent that the air temperature in the Arctic suddenly heats up, sending the freezing air south in even greater mass. As a result, the country could see temperatures lower even than the -10C recorded in Scotland last week, with more snow also a possibility. High polar vortex winds circling around the North Pole normally keep freezing air trapped in the Arctic could fall, allowing the air to escape south. In this ‘you may also like’ section we attempt to answer what else can I do?

However, the Met Office stressed that an SSW does not always equate to a Beast from the East like weather scenario. Those who bought tokens will earn on everyone who buys and sells them, while part of all purchases and sales are returned to the protocol. The value of your entire portfolio will rise if the volume of transactions is high. The pre-sale expired on February 25, 2022, when 178,200,000 tokens were sold.

As demonstrated repeatedly by Solana, Avalanche, and Polkadot, investing early in cryptocurrencies like this can result in massive rewards. Seesaw Protocol is the logical evolution of cryptocurrencies, as it provides a multi-bridge DeFi and NFT marketplace. Seesaw Protocol will act as a true cross-chain connector, connecting Binance’s Smart Chain, Polygon, and Ethereum. NewsAnyway is a site dedicated to bringing you the latest stories, surveys and breaking international news. Our team are committed to keeping you up-to-date with stories wherever you are in the world, across a variety of different sectors and industries from politics to entertainment. The SSW token can be purchased through PancakeSwap or the native Seesaw Swap site here.

There is no doubt that cryptocurrencies will be the method of transacting value in the future as they provide a much more open and reliable way to do so than traditional financial systems. Although, the way in which cryptos will be adopted is yet to be seen. Top cryptos such as Bitcoin , Ethereum and Binance Coin have fallen over 40% since December. However, volatility in the cryptocurrency market is normal and investing in cryptos is not for the timid. In fact, this might present the perfect opportunity to buy top coins like BNB at a discount.

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“The council has sufficient salt reserves to cover any extreme weather conditions, however, as an added contingency we are currently topping up these reserves.” It was a major SSW that brought the Beast from the East in 2018, which saw parts of the UK covered in 22 inches of snow, and caused £1.2 billion of damage to the economy. Just as Ethereum, this crypto has been created to support decentralised applications and now it hosts many initiatives, such as NFTs, GameFi, and DeFi. It was a major SSW which brought the Beast from the East to the UK in 2018, as the country saw 22 inches of snowfall in some places, while £1.2 billion in damage was caused to the economy. Another strategy may be to invest in new and slightly riskier cryptocurrencies such as Fantom or Seesaw Protocol . These new cryptocurrencies provide a chance for much greater return than established cryptocurrencies as they are still growing.

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A new crypto called Seesaw Protocol has fantastic potential to generate huge returns in 2022 and beyond. Cryptocurrencies have become a great way to invest money and beat inflation. The cryptocurrency market reached a height of $3 trillion last year and financial giants like JP Morgan and Deliotte have invested huge sums of money in cryptos like Bitcoin and Avalanche . Near Protocol , Binance Coin , andSeesaw Protocol are exhibiting signs of a bullish rally and could generate huge returns once the bulls manage to push prices and start a rally. While Near and Binance Coin are established cryptocurrency tokens and have seen heavy accumulation, adding Seesaw Protocol periodically could help in realizing greater gains over time.

Scotland snow maps show 1000km-wide Beast from the East 2 just ‘days away’

For these reasons, Binance Coin and Seesaw Protocol offer incredible value and room for exponential growth and are my top picks for February. Because there is no fixed number of tokens in meme coins, the investment may be more volatile than a more conventional, non-meme coin investment . Long-term satisfaction, like practically everything in this wonderful life, is the key to a gleaming gateway of potential.

where to buy ssw coin

The Met Office has issued an update on a Beast from the East hitting the country as the UK braces for temperatures as low as -10C with heavy snow at the next week. Seesaw Protocol is a new cryptocurrency that has just embarked on its presale period. Once again history has shown how getting into a cryptocurrency very early and before its initial coin offering can reap huge rewards, although it carries a higher risk. You can invest in a single cryptocurrency or a portfolio of cryptocurrencies.

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The longer you hold SSW, the more you accumulate, perhaps resulting in successful real-world value. Seesaw Protocol has made a decision to donate 1% of marketing funds for educational services in developing countries. This would ensure more people can get access to blockchain education and build a workforce for the future.

where to buy ssw coin

These adverts enable local businesses to get in front of their target audience – the local community. However, the cryptocurrency may be gearing up for a bounce within the next few months as more investors begin to find value at lower prices. JP Morgan has released a report detailing how they believe that Bitcoin will reach over $100,000 within five years.

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Considering the fact that Bitcoin is currently trading around $37,200, this would be a very healthy return on investment. One of the main reasons people don’t like owning cryptocurrencies is because of high volatility. If you look at the two most valuable and well-known cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin and Ethereum , you’ll see that they often move by 5% or more every day.

Forecasters say the rare weather event, known as Sudden Stratospheric Warming , could happen soon, bringing a deluge of snow, The Mirror reports. A freezing snowstorm has been predicted to hit Scotland this month as the blizzard conditions have been compared to the monster ‘Beast from the East’. The current spell of cold, sunny weather is set to last until Tuesday. Southern England faces -5C lows on Sunday morning and 3C across the next few days. And meteorologists think there is about a 25% chance of an even rarer event taking place – a sudden stratospheric warning . The forecaster has said a major sudden stratospheric warming is “now likely to take place” in late February or early March.

Seesaw Protocol , a decentralised and multi-chain DeFi Platform promises transparency, very low fees , and, most importantly, an enhanced crypto-experience and it is launching this April 2022. Seesaw Protocol is currently on presale and will remain so till April 8th . A native DeFi Swap will ensure users can trade and transfer DeFi tokens across networks. This would further eliminate any issues of low liquidity on the platform. The Near Protocol has recently integrated and completed its Rainbow bridge connection that allows users access to other chains.

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Central and northern Scotland are also set to see widespread snowstorms that could impact Edinburgh and the Lothians within days. A map from WXCharts has shown that Edinburgh will be hit with snow by next week, forecasting the worst of the snowfall on Sunday, March 5. Ethereum is the second-largest cryptocurrency regarding the market cap and its primary rival, Bitcoin.

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The maps also shows flurries of snow hitting the country, with the snowfall reaching 30cm in some areas of Scotland. Maps from WXCharts show temperatures falling as low as -10C in parts of the UK at the start of March. With the need for faster, cheaper and cross-chain transactions, Seesaw ssw protocol Protocol looks perfectly poised to challenge the top two and generate huge value for holders. As with Solana and Avalanche, Seesaw Protocol may outperform Bitcoin in terms of return on investment in 2022. Investing this weekend is a good idea and could result in quick profits.

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Decentralised Finance has removed barriers surrounding traditional banking institutions making loans and financial products available to even retail users at the click of a button. Seesaw Protocol aims to provide easy liquidity solutions and offer DeFi to all clients. It will ensure $1 million of liquidity that is locked, so there will be no chances of a rug pull. The SSW token will ensure lower gas fees for users and is a strong investment as the DeFi landscape has tons of potential in the future. The protocol has taken out a CERTIK audit to ensure security and transparency for its client base.

As a user, you will never face issues of inadequate liquidity on the Seesaw protocol. The Seesaw Protocol token will be used across the DeFi ecosystem being launched by the platform. The SSW token is cross-chain and interoperable across Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, and Ethereum. Add the NEAR token on every declines to accumulate a good quantity and generate huge returns for your portfolio. A reader claiming to be an early-stage investor, who wanted to remain anonymous, shared the below email with from an individual called Lawrence Harte, whose identity could not be confirmed. After deliberating, SeeSaw confirmed that the email was legitimate.

“In short, we don’t yet know how this SSW will influence our weather at this range. “Our gritters can be fully loaded with rock salt and ready to treat roads with an hour’s notice. The network of Ethereum is primarily used for decentralised apps, such as smart contracts that enable the two parties to conduct legal transactions without involving a third party. A low pressure will produce an increased risk of showers in the south. However, the Met Office stressed that an SSW does not always equate to a Beast from the East-like weather scenario.

The crypto outperforms the rival cryptos in various aspects, including transaction speed. But on the contrary, coins, such as Seesaw Protocol , have seen incredible success, regardless of the fall of the big boys. The crypto saw a presale jump of around 4000% during its pre-sale period in January, averaged to 1000% a month. Now, Seesaw Protocol has officially launched its project on 8th April.

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As a result, SeeSaw platform has the potential to transform DeFi projects. Gas prices on blockchains, especially Ethereum, have a terrible reputation for being outrageous money. SeeSaw protocol can help holders find the best cross-network transfers at the lowest prices. The job can seem daunting and increasingly difficult for the curious and those interested in the bitcoin industry. But not, you may learn how to invest in cryptocurrency and what is SeeSaw Protocol in this material.

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