The Mac Catalyst, which is designed to allow developers to bring iPad apps to Mac. Recently I started teaching 3D modeling, 3D character design, 3D illustration and 3D animation with the popular open source and freeBlender 3Dsoftware for Apple Macintosh computer users. In every month we will add a new project and learning materials to the best SwiftUI , Blender 3D and Augmented Reality courses in 2023 and beyond. By the end of 2023 the learning library will be more than 50+ hours long. Build up your development or creative portfolio with real projects.


In this talk, called SwiftUI Lessons, I don’t share the usual content you can find on this website. Instead, I talk about my experience in transitioning to SwiftUI, coming from a UIKit developer’s perspective. Learn how to start with nothing but an app idea, and take it all the way to a beautiful visual design made in Figma. We all try to be consistent with our way of teaching step-by-step, providing source files and prioritizing design in our courses. We’re using Sketch to design the interface and Shape for the illustrations. All design and source files are provided so that you can upgrade your UI skills while following the lessons.

Swift Functions – Lesson 6 (2023 / Xcode 14 / SwiftUI)

We already cover the first approach in How to use SwiftUI as UIViewController in Storyboard. Foundation defines the Measurement.FormatStyle struct to make this straightforward. Because Measurement is generic over UnitType, we specify the unit of measure between angle brackets.

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In this SwiftUI video, you’ll implement the users favorites list using a model and binding it to the view so that the views automatically update when the dat… You will need a basic knowledge of the Swift programming language. Gain a deeper understanding of functions, practice using closures, and build your skills with named types.

Introduction to Swift Coding – Lesson 5 (2023 / Xcode 14 / SwiftUI)

Since then, Jonathan never looked back and constantly furthers his knowledge through books, conferences, and tutorials. Over the course of his career, Jonathan has worked in iOS, Android, front-end Javascript, and backend systems in Java, C#, and NodeJS. When Jonathan isn’t busy coding, he’s spending time with his wife, two kids, multiple cats, and even more chickens in sunny San Diego. Sometimes if he’s lucky, he’s able to sneak away and enjoy a good run.

In the last few SwiftUI Lessonss we covered some of the fundamentals of iOS development, and before we move on to the next set of projects it’s important to take a step back and review what you’ve learned. This time you’re going to learn it for real, and in just 100 days you’ll have built many full apps that you can be proud of. @StateObject and @ObservedObject have similar characteristics but differ in how SwiftUI manages their lifecycle. Use the state object property wrapper to ensure consistent results when the current view creates the observed object. Whenever you inject an observed object as a dependency, you can use the @ObservedObject.

Importing view controllers into SwiftUI

While I can put HTML/JS logic in either, It’d be better to put it in a class especially if its going to be reused, similar to how css classes are reused. With the above changes in place, we can now revert our EventListLoader back to being a simple stateless loader that can remain completely focused on just loading our list of events. We will have to instantiate a new UIWindow with the size of our phone screen that we get passed in here as a scene and assign it to the window property. We then instantiate a UIHostingController which is a ViewController but it is capable of holding the new SwiftUI View. Here we pass in an instance of our AwesomeView that we want to have displayed as the first View.

Remember that the user’s current locale defines how the measurement is formatted if we don’t pass a locale to the initializer of the Measurement.FormatStyle struct. Let’s add a few more previews and change the locale. We create a group in the body of the static computed previews property and create three previews. We apply the environment modifier to set the locale of each preview.

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