These Alcohol and Angers usually last 5-7 days on average and commonly use medications to manage difficult physical and emotional withdrawal symptoms. The journal Experimental and Clinical Psychopharmacology reports on studies showing that alcohol can increase aggression in both men and women, but more so in men. Alcohol impairs a person’s executive functioning, making it harder for them to think clearly and make rational decisions.

How do I stop being angry when drunk?

  1. Start building mindfulness into your routine.
  2. Identify your triggers.
  3. Find healthy, safe ways to manage your triggers.
  4. Consider therapy – there are lots of different types out there!
  5. Reduce or stop drinking.

Family members go about their days—and years—confused and frustrated, wondering why the person has been so mean. This is why it’s so important for loved ones to get help and support. Abuse should not be tolerated, and safe housing must be provided. If an angry alcoholic has abused a loved one, they should not have access to the family.

Cognitive Function

Alcohol abuse enhances aggression, and those that tend to like fighting anyway will get into fights when they are abusing alcohol. It is important to understand the connection between anger and alcohol to keep your behavior in check. You can end up with criminal charges if you engage in dangerous, aggressive behavior while you are abusing alcohol.

future consequences

Therefore, people who rely on drinking as a coping mechanism can be more inclined to make rash choices, such as having unprotected sex or getting into a car with a stranger. When someone allows anger to build up over time, they’re more likely to suffer an explosion. During this time, individuals often can’t reason, which leads them to risky behaviors, such as drinking again. As if that wasn’t complex enough, anger can also result from inherited tendencies or brain chemistry. Furthermore, underlying mental health conditions might influence your trend towards angry outbursts.

Not Everyone Gets Aggressive While Drunk

When you check in on your anger levels, you can better assess what your needs are. Another way to address anger right away is to use your five senses to help you get out of your head and get grounded in the present moment. This means pausing and intentionally observing the sights, sounds, smells, textures, and tastes of the environment around you. Once you’ve immersed yourself by using your senses, you’ll be more likely to return to the situation with a clear head. Many of the folks we work with in our non 12 steps rehab see this model and their faces light up.

How do I deal with my angry drunk boyfriend?

  1. Let Them Know What They're Doing. The first thing you should do is let the person know what they're doing and how it's affecting other people.
  2. Talk to Them When They're Sober.
  3. Keep Yourself Safe.
  4. Don't Leave Them Alone.
  5. Try to Get Them Help.

Researchers have studied the connection between and aggression for years. There’s a reason the angry drunk is such a familiar stereotype. However, it’s about more than getting easily upset or having a short fuse when you drink alcohol.

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