Now take a look at some template examples and situations so that you know which one to send and at what time. As stated in our payment terms, we will be charging a late payment fee of [$0.00] for payments made 30 days past due. To avoid any additionallate payment feesplease make a payment via . US, Canada, and UK access.Reporting With over 20 built-in reports, you’ll know exactly how your business is doing. Furthermore, the entire direct mail process including personalization, printing, and mailing can be easily automated using a simple API tool. Additionally, direct mail is more effective in generating a response from the recipient making it the ideal payment reminder channel.

How do you politely ask for an overdue payment via email?

  1. Mention the invoice in the subject. Start by writing a subject that references the invoice.
  2. Include a polite opening.
  3. Reference the due date and amount.
  4. Explain payment options.
  5. Specify next steps.
  6. Recent due date.
  7. Late overdue payment.
  8. Final notice.

I accept many forms of payment, such as bank transfers, checks, and direct deposits, or you can pay online via . Now, let’s explore this payment reminder email schedule with sample templates for each reminder. Use this SMS template to send any time after a customer has missed a payment deadline, whether by one day, one week or one month. Set up a marketing automation campaign to send invoice reminders like this one below to any clients who haven’t paid up by their invoice due date.

In summary: Asking for payment can be done politely and effectively

PostGrid’s address verification process ensures that an address is real and deliverable by the USPS. I understand that you may have a lot on your plate at the moment. However, I hope that you can find a moment of your time to go through the invoice whenever you can. I’ve attached the invoice to this email for your reference. Remind the client you will call them via phone to follow up. She can often be found testing and writing about apps meant to enhance the workflow of freelancers, remote workers, and regular employees.

How do I write a reminder for an overdue payment?

Payment reminder email: one week late

We're following up on the overdue invoice [INVOICE #] for the amount [$0.00], which was due on [INVOICE DUE DATE]. We've attached a copy of the invoice for your reference. To avoid any additional late payment fees please make a payment via [ACCEPTED PAYMENT METHODS].

We started sending one email per week seven days before the deadline. That’s why we’ll provide you with payment reminder email templates for every stage of asking for overdue payments. Chaser is committed to creating a world where all businesses have the confidence that they will get paid for their work. To this end, we offer accounts receivables software and credit control services, as well as an extensive variety of invoice reminder email templates. Using Jobber’s invoicing software, you can set payment reminders to automatically be sent out on any overdue invoice, whether they’re behind by a day or a week.

Payment Reminder Templates to Ask Customers For Overdue Payments

You can also them of any payment methods you accept to make it easier for your clients to pay. For convenience, it’s a good idea toattach a copy of your invoice to every overdue payment reminder email. That way, the customer can access it immediately, without rummaging through the piles of messages in their inbox. Unlike in-person or verbal communications, written communication can all too often be misinterpreted or misunderstood. What might seem factual and to the point, can for some people seem abrupt or rude.


Taking such an approach for your business can turn out to be disastrous. At the same time, you can not sound too harsh or pushy when sending a payment reminder. A First Payment Reminder Letter is a short, friendly reminder to repay an outstanding payment from a client or customer. While numerous follow-up letters can be sent later, the first should be served as a friendly reminder. It should be as polite and friendly and should also be quite professional.

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It is crucial to remember that getting paid for your work/product goes hand in hand with customer satisfaction. Therefore, you need to strike the right balance between being polite and assertive. The simplest solution is to find an overdue payment reminder letter template that works for your business.

That way 5 Payment Reminder Templates To Ask For Overdue Payments keep the payment fresh in your client’s mind and give them ample time to look over the invoice. These terms should’ve been included in the original contract signed by both you and the client. If you’re still struggling to find the right words for payment reminders, Flowrite will help you get there and save time while doing it. To make settling their balance with you easy for the customer, including a mention about the payment methods you accept. The more precise you are about what kind of action you want them to take to handle their late payment, the more likely it is that they’ll do it.

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